Remove the hump, shorten it, make the tip of the nose upturned and the nostrils graceful – surgery can do anything! But for this, there must be a mutual understanding between the doctor and the patient.

Secret number 1. Get all the information you need for rhinoplasty.

Today you can send your doctor information for a preliminary review remotely by email, but try to put together everything about the planned operation and present it to the surgeon in order. Many Miami residents trust one of the best nose jobs specialists in Miami, FL.

In order for the doctor to delve into your history as much as possible and understand what you want, answer a few questions in the letter.

  • What exactly do you dislike the current shape of the nose?
  • What would you like to change?
  • Is your nose breathing well?
  • Have you previously done rhinoplasty or facial plastic surgery?
  • Have you done nose correction with fillers?

Attach a CT scan if there is one and several selfies: full-face, in profile on both sides, top, bottom. The surgeon will answer such a request in detail, explain how it is possible to achieve the desired result. After that, you can call the clinic administrator, arrange for an in-person consultation, where you and your doctor will discuss in detail all the nuances. And only after the appointment can you specify the price and make an appointment for the operation.

Secret number 2. It makes sense to prepare your skin before surgery.

UMG cosmetologists know how to improve the quality of the skin. If you do the surgery after such preparation, healing is faster and easier. This is especially important for those with dense seborrheic skin with acne breakouts. Such patients always take longer to rehabilitate. But, if the cosmetologist works with the skin in advance, the rehabilitation will be easier and faster.

Secret number 3. You don’t have to be afraid of rehabilitation.

A positive attitude is very important. Patients often drew their fears from reviews on the internet twenty years ago. Many myths have to be debunked. About long bandages in the nose, about turundas, about terrible bruises and swelling, excruciating pains, and so on. All these horrors are in the past. Modern rhinoplasty is an almost bloodless, low-traumatic operation. At the consultation, the doctor will show a photo of the patients immediately after the operation, and you will make sure that nothing terrible will happen to the face. Two to three weeks after rhinoplasty, you can return to your normal life. The edema will completely disappear after a few months. The final result can be estimated in a year.